Our Digital Media License

Digital Media License Allows:
• Create Unlimited Audio Products
• Create Unlimited Videos
• Unlimited Duplication/Downloads/Video Views
• Hypnosis Audio & Guided Meditation Recordings
• Wellbeing, Self-Help & all Spoken-Word Media Products
• Podcasts, Educational & E-Learning Products
• Worldwide Rights, No Royalties, No Time Limit

Under This license You May NOT:

• Steal the music. That is you may not use this without buying a license.
• Share, give away or in any way distribute the music
• Represent yourself as the music composer
• Submit your project to a content identification service (such as ContentID)
• Sell or distributed slightly modified (or lengthened/looped) versions of the music
• Use the music in any way that inhibits others from using it, such as submitting it to ContentID or similar
• Use one license for all of your clients (if you are an agency, each client needs a license)


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