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Welcome to The Relaxation Works Download Library! Accessing the library requires a membership – it’s FREE, so no worries. By signing up for a membership you’re agreeing to live by the rules, which you can find on the Using the Music page.

When you’re ready, go to the Registration page and sign up. In order to sign up you’ll have to supply the link to your YouTube channel, Twitch account, website url or other place where you’re planning to use our music, so gather that information first.

There is lots more royalty free music available at affordable prices in the Music Store, so check it out too.

I’m excited to see you here and to be providing high quality music to help you grow your channel or other project!

💖 And if you appreciate the free music available here, help support this project and my YouTube Channel by buying me a coffee! 💖


Cindy Locher – The Relaxation Works

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