Using the Music


1. Can I use this in my video/stream/film/game/project/podcast etc.?

– Yes, you can use it in any creative project, just credit me using the attribution info below.

What you CANNOT do is take my music and redistribute it as a product, sell it or give it away as your own.

2. How do I credit you properly?

Add the following to your description:


"Music by Cindy Locher,"


3. Can I republish your YouTube videos?

– No. You will get a copyright claim if you do that.

4. Can I record vocals on your music and upload to Spotify, Apple Music etc.?

– You may not sing lyrics (your own or anyone else’s) over my music. You may record spoken word, including poetry, narration, meditation, etc.

5. Can I use your music in videos/projects that are monetized?

– Yes.

6. Why did I get a copyright claim when using your music?

– It is either something else in your video, YouTube or Twitch being overly sensitive with their copyright detection software, or someone is making a fraudulent copyright claim on my music. Just dispute the claim because you have full permission from me to use my music. I monitor copyright claims on my channel regularly and release any from authorized users of my music.

7. Can I use your music in my livestreams?

– Yes.

8. Which songs can I use?

– You can use any of the music available through the Music Store or the Download Library on this site.

By downloading music on this site you are agreeing to the above rules. These rules may change in the future without notice. Cindy Locher – The Relaxation Works retains all copyrights to the music and it is acknowledged that use of the music in ways that violates the above agreement will result in termination of your membership here and possible copyright claims on YouTube, Twitch, etc.

The Legal Agreement that basically says everything that is said above but in fancier terms, is available here: User Agreement


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